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Fractal Sequencer  Version 4.0 & Virtual Instruments – A section of the site devoted to synthesizers and The Fractal Sequencer.




Nautilus Tools

This is a new app which works with the Korg Nautilus, Kronos and Oasys Synthesizer workstation! It is free and you can download it here. Nautilus Tools Version 1.x

 Here is the documentation which is also installed when you run the software MSI installer. Documentation


Roland RD 2000 Editor

The Roland RD 2000 is one on the world’s best stage pianos. It combines superb modelling and sampling technology with a marvellous action, beautiful build quality and it’s also a great Midi controller. Thank you Roland Corporation. The RD has a small screen, but sometimes users want to see the controls without scrolling through lots of menus.  So I wrote this software which uses the far larger screens of computers to make life a bit easier. It runs on Windows (11, 10, 8 or 7). Now includes the new German Vpiano expansion features plus more.

The software is dontionware. Download installer here. RD2000 editor Version 3.x.  Run rd2000setup.msi to install. All documentation is included with the installer. To make a donation via Paypal please click on the link in the menu Documentation



Korg Triton Series Synthesizer Section  

New - Triton Controller Ver. 7.6 - Copyright Stuart Pryer 2024

PC Synth Editor and Librarian For :- Korg Triton Classic,  Karma, Rack, Triton Studio, Extreme and  LE. For Windows 11 to XP.

1. Added the method for connecting a PC running Triton Controller to a Mac computer if that is your Studio computer.

2. Added the ability to import midi dumps from the Triton and set controls in software for Progs (incl Moss), Combis and Arps.

3. Added the ability to request dumps from the Triton from the software.

4. Added ability to insert a Midi dump in a PGC file in the software. No need for floppy disks or other media.

MidiToolbox – A free Midi Utility which also allows the collection of midi dumps to be transferred into the Triton Controller or collected for other synths. Documentation.         Download the free software.

See pdf documentation below for a full description of its features and updates

Demo of Triton Controller version 7.5 – 9.3Mb download.  Please note that some of the features are disabled in the demo version.

Audio files demonstrating Fractal Sequencer - demo1 demo2 demo3 These compositions are entirely generated by the Fractal sequencer.

You can buy the full version of the software here.

                  Please note the software will be e-mailed to the purchaser once payment is cleared. License holders can request the latest version of the full program and help files together with support and upgrades if they made a purchase up to a year from purchase. 

PDF Documentation and Tutorial on Synthesis using the Triton Controller

Triton Controller. I wrote the programme because I felt the interface on the Triton series could be made more intuitive and be laid out in a more orderly way – like older analogue synths such as the Korg MS20/10 & Mini-Moog.  Their sound creation process was done in a ‘linear fashion’ on the control panel. This is particularly beneficial for Program editing for PCM and the Moss board (Bank F if fitted), which inherit the principals of earlier synths – plus much more!  I also wanted easy access to the thousands of Programs I had collected in various Korg PCG files and ways of searching for sounds in them and creating totally new sounds quickly.

It also allows editing of ALL the available parameters.  It also includes Randomiser Functions for creating totally new sounds and a Random Composer facility for creating new melodies in any Bank (PCM or Moss) from single notes, chords and random chord types and will now improvise around a user input sequence.  There is also full Drum Kit editing, Master and Insert Effect editing, routing, random effect generator and equaliser control.  The Software also allows editing of the individual parameters of individual effects as well as a complete PCM multisample database and auditioning feature.

The latest version includes Korg Triton series PCG file reading and Librarian Functions now with full support for the multiple banks of the Triton Studio !  You can create Master PCG files which could contain say 5000 – 10,000 triton programs.  You can the sort, search etc.  The PCM/Moss controls auto set when a PCG program is loaded.  It can send individual programs etc. straight to the synth via midi.  There is full User Arpeggio editing and the ability to pick up settings directly from a PCG and transfer to the controls on the Triton Controller.  There are extensive facilities for generating new programs, combis, drum kits and arps from existing PCG’s.  You can also import Midi Dumps with my Midi Toolbox app. See documentation for full list of features.


Astronomy – Fixed camera exposure spreadsheet



Cornish Pubs – The Definitive Guide

The Pubs of London and the World – A Link to Johns website !


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