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Railway Inn

Agar Road

Illogan Highway

between Redruth and Camborne

Tel. 01209 216382


? Mon-Sat

? Sun


R,F,P,B,C,G M=7


Brewery St Austell

Real Ales Bosuns, Tinners

Food - Yes


To park you have to drive through broken glass. To get out you need the driving skills of Jackie Stewart to squeeze between the vehicles that block you in the tiny car park. The locals thought my niece was on the game. (Anything for free drinks)! Inside its like an annex for the local school. I could swear they were doing their homework? On the walls there was a certificate from an early St Austell passport competitor who never got out. I must have been there on a bad night! Stu 5/10 1997


NB. In fact I have been there twice before and it was better. Apparently one of the locals did the passport in 3 days!


Pub which doesn't seen to be near a railway. Lots of pictures of trains on the wall, also a collection of bank notes. Friendly landlord and pleasant  atmosphere. John 6/10 Nov 98


Locals pub-rather 'basic' furniture and dartboard and fruit machines but some interesting features-collections of banknotes and of tins of various sorts and train pictures. Friendly landlord who showed certificate of the first person to do the St Austells passport in 3 days - a lady for charity! Sue Sept 98