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Halfway House                  

Rame Cross

Nr Helston





Once this area was the tin mining capital of the world and there is still one of the two mining colleges nearby – Camborne School of Mines.  The other is the Royal School of Mines at Imperial College.  Its all a bit tired now and the pubs keep changing.

Collins Arms                     

18 Higher Fore St.


TR15 2AP

Tel. 01209 212163


Inn For All Seasions                  



TR16 4AP

Tel. 01209 219511


R,F,P,B,S, C,


Brewery – Free House

Real Ales – HSD

Food – Restaurant carvery


Turn off the A30 at Redruth, turn left along the old Redruth bypass and its on the right.  This place tries to be a pub, restaurant and inn, but does none particularly well.  The beer is ok, but the carvery reminds me of school dinners.  The car park is the size of Runway 1 at Heathrow, but it’s often the case of ‘spot the car’.                          Stu 5/10  Dec 1998


Mount Ambrose Inn                  

Mount Ambrose


Tel. 01209 218124



R,F,P,B,S,C,       M=7.5


Brewery – St Austell

Real Ales – HSD, Tinners

Food – Yes


Turn off the A30 at Scorrier and head towards Redruth.  This was once the nearest pub to where I lived back in the 80’s.  The landlord at the time drank more beer than he served and he had to leave and moved to a little caravan at a nearby Pub – The Flying Pot (since changed name) so he could continue with his hobby.  It started life as a bikers pub but was tarted up in the early 90’s.  Beer is good, and it had been upgraded again and is much improved.  Stu 7/10  Dec 2000


Pub which has changes a lot since I last visted it, mainly for the better. Pub seems a little smaller, but it might be my imagination. Lots of brass plates hanging up in the pool room.  John 7/10 Dec 2000 


Display of large bronze plates very pretty. Rather crowded locals on the edge of town. Grantie walls with dark red upholstery. Separate pool area. Had a bottle of San Miguel.  Sue Dec 2000

_________________________________________________________________________________ Oxford Inn                       

28 Fore St.


TR15 2AE

Tel. 01209 215651


Rose Cottage Tavern                       

Chapel St.


TR15 2BD

Tel. 01209 212129



Clinton Road.


TR15 2LT

Tel. 01209 211813


Treleigh Arms                   



TR16 4AY

Tel. 01209 315095


The Spice of Life                           

Penventon Hotel

West End




Times depend on P.V. disco next door.


F,P,B,S, C,C,C,C,C,C,


Brewery – Free House

Real Ales – none visible

Food – none visible


Great pub for a 12-year-old lager drinker on speed!  Reason for existence - the nightclub next door.  However, the hotel serves great food.  It is separated from the Pub at night by ‘The Berlin Wall’ like gates in the car park, so the residents don’t get frightened.                        Stu 1/10  Oct 2000


Tricky Dickie’s                        

Tolgus Mount


TR15 3TA

01209 219292


11.00-3.00 6.00-11.00 Mon – Sat        Midnight Tuesday & Thursday

12.00-3.00 7.00-10.30 Sun                All Day if busy




Brewery – Free House

Real Ales – Sharps Doom bar, Sharps Own, plus others.

Food – Extensive range of good food.


Situated off the East bound lane of the old Redruth Bypass (Redruth end).  Easy to miss the turning which is signed, so drive slowly. This large pub was opened in the late 1980’s by Richard (Dicky) and Marion.  Very friendly pub, which was created from old copper mine buildings.  Facilities include squash courts, accommodation, sauna, gym and there is Jazz on Tuesday nights.                    Stu 8/10 July 2001


Not easy too find but worth the effort.  A large new pub which has a lived in feeling.  It can get crowded on a weekend evening.  Always a warm welcome and good service. Dickie is a very out going character and being a pub landlord suits him down to ground. John 8/10


Pandora Inn                                  !Recommended!

Restrongent Creek

Mylor Bridge

Tel. 01326 372678



11.00-11.00 Mon-Sat  Summer 12.00-2.30 7.00-11.00 Winter 12.00-11.00 Sat Winter

12.00-10.30 Sun


GBG,R,F,P,B,C    M=9.5


Brewery – St Austell

Real Ales – H.S.D., Tinners and Trelawny’s Pride

Food  - Very Good


Wonderful genuine pub with a thatched roof and whitewash walls in a riverside setting, the inside is just as nice as well.  Every overseas vistors image of an English country pub.  Very popular in the summer and the car park can get very full so you might have to park up the road.  On a nice hot day you drink down by the river jetty.  Whilst owning this place is a bit like a ‘licence to print money’ the owners have avoided the tourist trap problems of the Jamacia Inn.  John 9/10 July 1995


I guess this is about as idyllic as you can get, a 13th Century building !  Don’t trip over the yachties in the summer. Great food, old wooden seating and its own pontoon.  Stu 9/10


A beautiful 13th century pub sited on an estuary with a lovely beer terrace on a jetty. Inside, there are low ceilings and Black and red decoration. An antique stove is set into the wall. Ships wheels and pictures are on the walls. The entrance way has a pretty picture-window. Pub is divided into sections. (As usual the no smoking bar is empty!) A real feeling of age pervades the pub.  Sue July 1996

_________________________________________________________________________________ Poachers

Fore St.                               


Off A30

Tel. 01726 890092


11.00-11.00 Mon-Sat 

12.00-10.30 Sun


R,F,P,B,C   M=7.5


Brewery – St Austell

Real Ales – H.S.D., Tinners

Food  - Yes


To park you just squeeze in between the Harleys- well they used to be here but now traded in for white ford fiestas? This was the scene of a shooting in 1999 and is not for the faint of heart.  Often full of bikers and on my last visit one was throwing up discreetly in the corner. Maybe the food was off?  I found it alright but ‘ladies’ may be less amused.  During our last visit it had been tarted up.  Stu Dec 2000 4/10


Small pub which looks like its been refurnished recently. Not to badly done in green. Nice warm fire and separate pool area.  John 7/10 Dec 2000


This pub was a bit dodgy after a shooting in the past. But has been refurbished recently and is quite tastefully decorated, separate pool room area and a nice open fire, but fruit machines a little obtrusive. Dark green upholstery and beams with 'bulls' nose rings hanging from them. Took off half a mark for display of stuffed birds which was very unpleasant.  (Even worse for the birds!) Sue Dec 2000

_________________________________________________________________________________ Rock Inn

26 Fore St.                                 


PL26 8EP

Tel. 01726 890710

_________________________________________________________________________________The Victoria


On A30

Tel. 01726 890207



11.00-3.00 6.00-11.00 Mon-Sat

12.00-2.30 7.00-10.30 Sun


R,F,P,B,C   M=8.5


Brewery – St Austell

Real Ales – H.S.D., Tinners and Trelawny’s Pride

Food  - Good


A big roadside pub on theA30.  Being a large pub it trys to cater for most people and it works most of the time. Some nice prints of Queen Victoria which is something you do not always see with pubs with her name on

John 8/10 Oct98


Modernised recently with UPVC everywhere.  Still retains some character though.  Large conservatory, restaurant and now a hotel complex, which was opened just before the eclipse in 1999.         Stu 7/10


Attractive pub with stained glass panels above bar, which is warm and friendly. Etchings of Queen Victoria visiting tin mines in Cornwall. In quarrying district so appropriate. Very nice Toilets! Sue Sept 98

_________________________________________________________________________________ Mariners

The Slip Way.                              



PL27 6LD

Tel. 01208 862312

_________________________________________________________________________________Falmouth Packet                              


On A394

Tel. 01736 762240


? Mon-Sat 

? Sun


R,F,P,B,C   M=7.5


Brewery – St Austell

Real Ales – H.S.D.,

Food  - Good


Bland sort of place on the Helston to Penzance road.  Stu 5/10


Roadside pub, which I found a little bland. Maybe because its a little isolated meaning it depends on the passing trade which means 'its got no soul'.  John 6/10


A pleasant pub with good service but a little to modern for me. The pub is quite small and the pool table takes a lot of space. Beer garden quite pretty and a nice collection of small jugs on the ceiling but overall not terribly impressive.  Sue July 1996

_________________________________________________________________________________Kings Head

Ruan Lanihorn

Turn off A3078 in Tregony – then 2 mile drive

Tel. 01872 501263



12.00-2.30 6.00-11.00 Mon-Sat – Closed winter Mondays

12.00-2.30 7.00-10.30 Sun




Brewery – Free House

Real Ales – Sharps Doom Bar and 1 other.

Food  - Good


Recently changed hands, you now get a welcome rather than a stare.  Apparently the previous landlady did not like the bar maid talking to the customers.  Interesting concept!  2 bar areas with the one on the left just for food.  Parking is out the front and to the side. After lunch you can walk along the estuary towards Ruan Sett Bridge.   The beer is good, so is the food and there are those comfy chairs as well if you want to relax.     

Stu 7.5/10  Jan 2000